Another Quick Story Overhaul

Really!? Again!?

So my biggest worry and issue during this whole process has been locking down a strong and definite story.  I think I've finally worked myself up into enough of a panic, that I finally decided to cut down length of the story which really helped set me in the right direction.

I've overhauled the story for the how-every-many-th time now, but this time I finally see something that will stick.

Fine you jerk, but why?

My basic thought process began with the obvious realization that I needed to cut down the film if I wanted to be realistic about finishing this bad boy and graduating on time.  This worked to my benefit, because all of the story ideas I really loved couldn't be contained in 3.5 minutes.

I then, after going through a number of thesis films, and even short films, finally convinced myself that I didn't need to create a narrative story with beginning/middle/end and all the fun story archs etc.  Instead, I could do something short and fun.

Drawing from a mixture of the Monster's University "Imagine You at MU" video, as well as other commercial spoofs, bad infomercials, crappy  homemade ads, etc.  I came up with my latest story.


Meta, camp counselor at Camp Villa,IN creates a promo video to attract new campers to his prestigious super-villain summer camp!

I also see this as an opportunity to promote the idea behind the film, being a super-villain summer camp, which I believe would make an awesome movie, while keeping the time down, and not trying to create the "perfect story" in 3-5 min.

I plan to do this an a "home video" style as if it were filmed in the 80's (film grain, washed out colors, handheld camera motion, mullets?)


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