Blocking has commenced!


Shot 01 Initial Blocking

Shot 01 Initial Blocking

Voice actor is locked in.  I will be using Stephen Bailey, who sent me a great reading after I received a number of readings.  We got a number of readings from members of LA Casting, but his was by far the best for the character I'm trying to portray.  I'm currently splicing the Audio into my Animatic, and will be working vigorously on composition and general blocking.


As for rigging, that has been a worry for a while.  Both of my models are finished, but I now need to get them rigged.  I contacted Lisa Anderson, who is now a Character TD at Nickelodeon, and she said she may be able to help.  I have sent her wireframes and I am now just waiting to hear back from her if it would be possible.  She says they're a bit bogged down at the studio, but depending on my timeframe she could likely help.  I will continue to pursue other leads at the same time so that I have a backup or two.


It's not very pertinent that I design the sets.  I have a few of the objects modeled, but the set design is paramount at this point, so that I can get the composition and blocking on point.  I have a number of things to focus on at the moment, but everything is looking more and more plausible.  I'm about to meet in terms of scheduling with my Producer.  He is on his way to the lab at this very moment.


As a side note, I will be here in LA for most of winter break so that I can focus strictly on catching up with my thesis work, as I feel behind at the moment, and want everything to run as smoothly as possible.  I can't wait to dive into animation, I'm hoping that will really get me motivated!