Thesis Ideas

Here are the 2 ideas I'm currently pursuing.  Yes I'm very behind, though I also feel I've had little to no direction so far, so I'm happy I'm finally getting somewhere.  After the only 20 minute talk in our last ideation class I was finally able to find 2 ideas that I was happy with.  I'm so glad we did that, it was so useful to my thesis ideation.  It looks like I need to create my own schedule and homework for the rest of the month to really buckle down and finish this though.

Enough blabbering, here are my 2 ideas:

  1. How to Train Your Human

         -- This piece would be a bit of dry wit basically describing the human race from an alien perspective.  The humor style would be very similar to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  The animation would be CG (as whatever project I do will be,) though it would be mixed with 2D motion graphics such as in the posted clip.  It would make fun of the human condition, and of the alien's misinterpretation of many human behaviors.

  1. The Worst Criminal in the World (not the actual title obviously)

          --  As a little boy, our Character's hero was always... the villian.  Since an early age, he always wanted to be the villian, such as the ones he saw on TV or in comic books.  He was infatuated.  Therefore, as a career, he sets out to become a great villian/criminal.  The only issue is, he is a HORRENDOUS villian.  Not in the typical sense.  In fact, he's so bad at being a villian, that every time he attempts to commit a crime, he fails so horribly that he ends up helping out.  In fact, he does so so many times, and fails on such a large scale, that in his little town he BECOMES a hero.  His face is shown everywhere, in newspapers, billboards, etc. as the town hero.  Frustrated, upset and angry, our "hero" reluctantly begins to accept this fate, and attempts to save the day.  He is so bad at THIS that he in facts commits a huge crime, and is arrested.  Through his attempt to be the hero, he becomes the villian, is put in jail, and is very, VERY happy!  The end.

The style of this piece would be mainly CG.


I know the first piece is underdeveloped as compared to the second in terms of story, but I believe it has a lot of potential, therefore I want to flesh it out.  Obviously the nice thing about the second piece is that I have a good deal of the story already.  The downsides is that it is thematically very similar to movies such as Megamind, Wreck-it-Ralph, and possibly the Incredibles.  The second may also involve many characters (though often being secondary characters,) unless I can escape that stylistically.

Well, it was good to get that off my chest, now time to flesh these bad-boys out!