Log Lines (Mind Maps to come)

Having my laptop stolen has been a bitch, and sadly that means I wasn't able to post my video/audio mi of inspirational videos mixed with audio, because that was on my computer obviously...
I have a few mind maps (though I'm looking into doing more this spring break, and finally starting to flesh out an idea I love.)  I will be posting the 3 mind maps I have soon, I just need to get a hold of a friend's scanner.  For now, here are some goes at log lines for the couple ideas I've come up with recently.

"Twin boys split at birth are raised in the Palestinian/Israeli war on opposite sides of the wall, and must realize their relation before it's too late."

"A new local construction crew full of impaired and challenged workers must overcome their deficiencies to successfully build a house."

"Twin brothers fall in love with the same girl as they hilariously battle and sabotage each other to win her heart."

"A good brother and a bad brother live together, and when the bad brother gets involved with the wrong people, the good brother must help or let him deal with the consequences."


Just some basic ideas.  I want to flesh out many more ideas this break, as I intend to use much of it to work on both fleshing out my thesis and working on my demo reel (and applying to jobs/internships in LA for the summer, as I want to stay here!)