Inspiring Director - Quentin Tarantino

One director that I admire and find to be very inspiring in his line of work is Quentin Tarantino.  Though in many respects I have mixed feelings about the way he goes about some of his movies, his uninhibited lack of fear in trying something spectacular, challenging the norms, and even challenging history inspires me.  I love his unique style, as I feel there are simply not enough around nowadays.  I hope myself to bring a unique style into play in my own thesis and hopefully into the world in general, though that style must be played with and developed.  I hope to have that courage to challenge film norms and ideas in an intelligent way, without sacrificing quality, but instead striking the audience in the manner I so desire.  His movies are fun, yet passionate, spectacles, yet critique society.  He forms a sort of balance and equilibrium, and can inspire a person while enraging another.


Tarantino's master of language and fun "lines" is incredible.  I find him to be a master of the film lines or film speech.  His characters are continually unique, and don't follow a particular stereotype (which is found in his movie plots as well.)  He has truly defined not only his own style but almost his own genre of film.  In a way I admire his ability to challenge authority or the norm with such style and finesse that you must admire it.  He has a new way of thinking, which makes the audience think and watch his movies in a new way.  Though I do not wish to imitate his work (as his style is so unique) I hope to take inspiration from his lack of fear and his confidence in trying new things.  This can be translated to animation in storyline, characters, but also in visual qualities, composition, shots and more.  With the world of animation, much more is possible, and though the rules are often broken in terms of reality, one finds a particular norm in many "blockbuster" style films.  I hope to create popularized films that can break that norm and find a different way of doing things.