Some Initial Inspiration...

Here goes my first substantial post.  I'll post a few videos, artists, music, what-have-you that "inspires" me.  At this point I'll just be throwing up some stuff that I enjoy.  While I tend to forget the actual name of half the stuff I watch and enjoy, I'll do my best to remember a few I've seen more recently.

Animated Shorts:

(I tried to find an animation of some shorts dancing around to no avail... so these will have to do.)

Good Books - Metamorphasis

I most enjoy this video for its artistic qualities.  Beautifully gritty style, lots of fun transitions, and a fun concept.  It took me a while to realize it was a commercial which to me is good... i'm sure not so much to good books.  All around cool animation.

Mac 'n' Cheese

Again, cool style (then again, the characters are basically just the scout and heavy from Team Fortress 2... but whatever.)  The ending is great as well, really turns things around in a funny way.  Deformation of landscape is fun as well.

I'll post more with time, I've blanked on many of them that I just showed in class the other day.  I do thoroughly enjoy the Pixar shorts, though those are easy to look up.  I will clarify though, I like the storytelling and professional quality of the Pixar shorts, but I feel animated styles in many mainstream areas have really become a melting pot.  It's difficult to find someone willing to try something new and edgy nowadays.



Kendrick Lamar

I've been loving Kendrick Lamar recently.  Great voice, interesting new quality to his rapping.  Tells a story in many of his songs too which I enjoy.

- Poetic Justice

-m.A.A.d. City

-backstreet freestyle



Great reflection on commercialism.  Great climaxes and emotional changes in this song.

-Same Love

Beautiful chorus.  Also focuses on a great message.  I don't want to focus on the same message, but I'd like my thesis to have some much deeper meaning or address and very prevalent issue in a great way like this song does.

Phillip Phillip


Love the sound here, very homely (couldn't think of a better word... I guess the title reflects it well.)

Mat Kearney

-Ships In The Night

just enjoy the song.

Of Monsters and Men

-Little Talks

Beautiful singing and interesting message.  Pretty sure it's about an old couple losing their memory or something similar.

Imagine Dragons

These guys just have an awesome and always original sound.



John Mayer

-Queen of California


-Midnight City




Loved this song for a long time now since my sister introduced me years ago.  Awesome quality in this song, completely original score and singing combo in this song.  Great when you have good bass!


Phantogram, great style.  Love the mix of electronic and vocals.

-Mouthful of Diamonds

-When I'm Small