Let's get things started!

First things first, a quick explanation to this blog in its current state.  I'm currently using this blog to show my progress, inspirations, updates and general tomfoolery in terms of my upcoming Thesis.  I'm currently in what I would call pre-pre-production...  In other words, I'm in that lovely stage where I know I need to create a thesis in the upcoming year and a half, yet I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with it! (that's not entirely true, I have some ideas I'd like to discuss and develop through this process, but we'll get to that later.) Things will start off nice and simple, and I'll be simply posting inspirations, ideas that pop into my head, and whatever else decides to spew out of my foolish college mind at this point.  It should be a fun, overly-stressful, and hopefully successful venture.  I'll try to be a bit more entertaining in future posts, but for now it's a miserable attempt at best.

Let's do this thing!